Incredible Ampertaine Gigolo, full of style, muscle and power!The Claeys & Cowporation National Show TeamSquare on the plates!Beautiful plates of Claragh FrancoClaeys & Cowporation Red Ladies LimousinsBig Boy Ange, our stockbull that was purchased by the noted Scotch breeder BurnbankCowporation show herdThe national show preparation team of CowporationThe Claeys & Cowporation Show TeamCowporation Eclaire & Trueman Grazia, two beautiful Red Ladies of the Cowporation Elite HerdA Claeys & Cowporation Limousin herd in the fields of AlblasserdamClaeys & Cowporation Prices National ChampionshipsPowerful ProdigeCowporation Red Ladies looking for a special biteThe National Bull Champions of Cowporation, Calypso & Ampertaine GigoloThe show herd of CowporationBaling grass is a leasure job with our convenient combinationA beautiful summer day with beautiful LimousinsTweeddale GodfatherHenk & Rinus clearly flirting with Limousins!At Last, here I am at Carlisle!So much Limousin, so much a good view!Hey! Don't put me down fourth place, I came here to win!In the barns of CowporationThe more Limousins the better the picture!Barney the champion bull whispererAmpertaine HuntsmanA Claeys & Cowporation herd grazing in the pastures of AlblasserdamA tense moment at Carlisle!

Sperma van Plumtree Deus

  • Plumtree Deus

    Plumtree Deus (Cloughhead Umpire x Sympa) is een stijlvolle stier met veel lengte en bespiering en een prachtige conformatie met veel shape. Bovendien fokt hij heel goed bijvoorbeeld Garyvaughan Ginola (verkocht voor €45.000), Mereside Godolphin Carlisle May 2013, verkocht voor €52.000.

    Naam Plumtree Deus
    Levensnummer UK146897600002
    Vader Cloughhead Umpire (UK101983500221)
    Moedersvader Sympa (FR4801006969)
    Geboortedatum 06-05-2008 (11.4 jaar)

    Geboorte 100 200 300 400
    Onbekend nvt nvt nvt nvt

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