The Claeys & Cowporation National Show TeamClaeys & Cowporation Red Ladies LimousinsAmpertaine HuntsmanBeautiful plates of Claragh FrancoTweeddale GodfatherThe more Limousins the better the picture!Cowporation show herdSquare on the plates!Powerful ProdigeA tense moment at Carlisle!The national show preparation team of CowporationBig Boy Ange, our stockbull that was purchased by the noted Scotch breeder BurnbankCowporation Red Ladies looking for a special biteSo much Limousin, so much a good view!Hey! Don't put me down fourth place, I came here to win!In the barns of CowporationThe show herd of CowporationThe Claeys & Cowporation Show TeamBarney the champion bull whispererHenk & Rinus clearly flirting with Limousins!A Claeys & Cowporation herd grazing in the pastures of AlblasserdamIncredible Ampertaine Gigolo, full of style, muscle and power!At Last, here I am at Carlisle!Baling grass is a leasure job with our convenient combinationCowporation Eclaire & Trueman Grazia, two beautiful Red Ladies of the Cowporation Elite HerdThe National Bull Champions of Cowporation, Calypso & Ampertaine GigoloClaeys & Cowporation Prices National ChampionshipsA Claeys & Cowporation Limousin herd in the fields of AlblasserdamA beautiful summer day with beautiful Limousins

Sperma van Loosebeare Fantastic

  • Loosebeare Fantastic

    Loosebeare Fantastic (Wilodge Vantastic x Broadmeadows Cannon) is een extreem bespierde stier met een enorme groeicijfers en een zeer hoge "Beef Value", maar liefst LM+45! De nakomelingen laten deze bespiering ook overduidelijk zien. Rietjes bij ons verkrijgbaar.

    Naam Loosebeare Fantastic
    Levensnummer UK364962200966
    Fokker Quick & Sons (Loosebeare)
    Vader Wilodge Vantastic (UK305117400460)
    Moedersvader Broadmeadows Cannon
    Geboortedatum 30-07-2010 (8.7 jaar)

    Geboorte 100 200 300 400
    Onbekend nvt nvt nvt nvt

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