At Last, here I am at Carlisle!Claeys & Cowporation Prices National ChampionshipsSquare on the plates!A beautiful summer day with beautiful LimousinsA Claeys & Cowporation herd grazing in the pastures of AlblasserdamClaeys & Cowporation Red Ladies LimousinsHenk & Rinus clearly flirting with Limousins!A tense moment at Carlisle!So much Limousin, so much a good view!Cowporation Red Ladies looking for a special biteThe show herd of CowporationCowporation show herdBaling grass is a leasure job with our convenient combinationCowporation Eclaire & Trueman Grazia, two beautiful Red Ladies of the Cowporation Elite HerdThe more Limousins the better the picture!Barney the champion bull whispererA Claeys & Cowporation Limousin herd in the fields of AlblasserdamTweeddale GodfatherIn the barns of CowporationAmpertaine HuntsmanIncredible Ampertaine Gigolo, full of style, muscle and power!Beautiful plates of Claragh FrancoThe Claeys & Cowporation Show TeamThe Claeys & Cowporation National Show TeamThe National Bull Champions of Cowporation, Calypso & Ampertaine GigoloThe national show preparation team of CowporationBig Boy Ange, our stockbull that was purchased by the noted Scotch breeder BurnbankHey! Don't put me down fourth place, I came here to win!Powerful Prodige