Barney the champion bull whispererAt Last, here I am at Carlisle!The more Limousins the better the picture!Ampertaine HuntsmanIncredible Ampertaine Gigolo, full of style, muscle and power!Tweeddale GodfatherBaling grass is a leasure job with our convenient combinationClaeys & Cowporation Prices National ChampionshipsA tense moment at Carlisle!Powerful ProdigeThe show herd of CowporationThe Claeys & Cowporation Show TeamCowporation Red Ladies looking for a special biteSo much Limousin, so much a good view!Big Boy Ange, our stockbull that was purchased by the noted Scotch breeder BurnbankThe National Bull Champions of Cowporation, Calypso & Ampertaine GigoloThe national show preparation team of CowporationHey! Don't put me down fourth place, I came here to win!Henk & Rinus clearly flirting with Limousins!Square on the plates!Claeys & Cowporation Red Ladies LimousinsA Claeys & Cowporation herd grazing in the pastures of AlblasserdamBeautiful plates of Claragh FrancoA Claeys & Cowporation Limousin herd in the fields of AlblasserdamThe Claeys & Cowporation National Show TeamIn the barns of CowporationA beautiful summer day with beautiful LimousinsCowporation Eclaire & Trueman Grazia, two beautiful Red Ladies of the Cowporation Elite HerdCowporation show herd

Sperma van Ampertaine Foreman

  • Ampertaine Foreman

    Ampertaine Foreman (Wilodge Cerberus x Sympa) is steeds een van de meest gewilde KI stieren van het moment. Ampertaine Foreman combineert vroegrijpheid met enorme gewichttoename, heeft enorme breedte en conformatie. Geschikt voor vaarzen. Rietjes zijn verkrijgbaar.

    Naam Ampertaine Foreman
    Levensnummer UK95643856521
    Fokker Ampertaine
    Vader Wilodge Cerberus (UK305117700666)
    Moedersvader Sympa (FR4801006969)
    Geboortedatum 27-08-2010 (8.7 jaar)

    Geboorte 100 200 300 400
    45 kg 210 kg 375 kg 583 kg 728 kg

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